Installation Media

  • minor preparations for new type of hardware


  • Enhanced TLS between kiosk-gui and station(local host communication)
  • Minor fix to reduce error logs before station has connect to the ICC server
  • Preparation for multiple partitions
  • Handling of exFAT partitions created in Windows. (only exFat created in Linux worked before)


  • Enhanced download of AV signatures

Known issues

There is a known issue with certain inexpensive usb drives. The computer part of Impex, the Intel NUC, combined with certain Kingston drives, will experience failures in ONE of the two USB ports that we use for data transfer. Hence inserted into one of the USB ports it will work, but not in the other Our tests and analysis have concluded that this is a error on certain models of Intel NUCs combined with the some Kingston device. We have not experienced this with other brands of USB storage devices. We are currently investigating the issue further.

Kingston models with issues:

  • DataTraveler G3
  • DataTraveler DTI

Workarounds and Mitigation(s):

The following alternatives for mitigation is recommended.

  1. Do not use the Kingston sticks.
  2. Use quality USB memory sticks, e.g. Kanguru Flashtrust, and have users copy files onto these sticks
  3. If you experience problems with Kingston devices in one USB port, make sure that the known bad USB stick is instead used in the other, working, USB port. Remember which direction the file transfer should be performed and click in the graphical user interface to perform scanning and file transfer. This will only work if not Kingston sticks are used in both USB ports simultaneously.