The IMPEX 3.6.2 release

This release focuses on fixing issues reported by customers and on fixing things we have seen that caused friction for newly installed stations.

ICC changes

  • The ICC signify network bundle used for enabling the network edit on stations is now also being re-generated when a new station is registered to an ICC. Before this the bundle was only generated once a week on the night between Sunday and Monday

  • It is now possible to change the default filesystem used by the stations when formatting USB drives. It used to be FAT32 for smaller drives and EXFAT for larger drives but now it can be set to always be NTFS or EXFAT

  • If a station’s registration was deleted by an admin, also delete the temporary user account. This makes it possible for a station to realize its registration attempt was denied so it can try to register again. If the registration attempt is malicious, the station’s IP can be added to the blocked IP list in the ICC server settings card

ICC fixes

  • Fixed input validation javascript errors on the hostname field in the detailed station view

Station changes

  • The network view now has a refresh button on the ICC Settings card. Pressing that button forces the backend to re-check the connection to the ICC which is useful when a customer is debugging or setting up the connectivity to the ICC from the station

  • If a station’s registration failed (i.e. it was denied by an ICC admin on purpose or by mistake), remove the temporary credentials and try again. Before this change the station would never attempt to register again

  • The station will no longer reboot every night. This means that the Summary/receipt view from scans that run over night will still be there the next day for viewing. The station will still reboot but only once a week on the night between Saturday and Sunday. Note that one can always get the scan report over email as PDF and CSV if so configured in the ICC

Station fixes

  • CD/DVD readers now work without having to be unplugged and plugged in again after a reboot. This fix is especially important for customers having a permanently connected CD/DVD reader

  • Pre-disable a third party software background job. The third party software installed a scheduled job that made our software update channels hang until our upgrader service automatically fixed it during the night. This caused hard to debug problems for newly installed stations.


  • The third party server component Django was bumped to 3.2.20 because of a released security patch. The security issue is a potential Denial Of Service when using the EmailValidator on input fields. ICC uses the validator in two places, on the identification field for a scan/transfer operation and on the Email On Malware field on the configuration card. ICC already limited the identification field to 1024 bytes which means that attack vector is not possible for this issue. The Email On Malware field is larger (4096 bytes) which potentially makes it possible to DoS the ICC as an admin when saving the Configuration card

Operating system packages

  • As usual this new release also brings upstream operating system updates and fixes