Information about the IMPEX release 4.0.3

This is a patch release fixing known issues in the 4.0.2 release.

ICC fixes

  • No malware alert email was being sent when a station found malware.

    The scan upload code in ICC 4.0.0 was changed and we missed to migrate the check if malware email alerts were turned on from the old version. Since customers might be using this in their incident response process we decided to do a patch release to fix this issue.

  • It was possible to accidentally create several station cards when “double-clicking” the approve registration button. This has been fixed with some more checks being done in the approval code on the server.


Portal is now available for Sysctl customers. The portal is used to distribute files and information that have restricted distribution. In this initial release, the portal provides specific program files for IMPEX customers, and especially those customers that have standalone or offline USB Protect. From the portal customers can download offline updates and AntiVirus definitions updates. It is also possible to download installation media for

  • ICC server
  • Repository server
  • IMPEX USB Protect
  • IMPEX DataLock

Email SYSCTL support to get access to the portal.

Atom (RSS-like) feed

The feed includes sysctl news and release information