The IMPEX 3.0 release is focused on back-end components, and more specifically on the server. This release consists of more than 16k new lines of code, added since last release.

The IMPEX 3.0 release is the basis for new features that will be implemented in upcoming releases, e.g. the quarantine, additional AV engines, etc.

This release brings a total makeover of the graphical interface on the server component of Impex, the ICC. The previous 2.x interface was not keeping pace with the number of settings and information fields we were adding and had become cluttered.

This new interface handles different screen sizes better and is redesigned to enable us to use the screen estate better, to allow us to add more features and options in the future.

Platform and 3rd party packages

  • Operating system components and 3rd party packages has been updated to newer versions

ICC Features

  • More coherent and stringent user interface

  • Confirmation dialogues when deleting

  • Drag-n-drop Yara rule uploads

  • Sticky headers when scrolling, scrolling down a long list, the header is always at the top, showing which column is what

  • More charts on the overview page and the legends and titles is now also clearer. For example we now show station name instead of station id

  • Fields missing when creating and saving get marked as red to help identify which fields was entered incorrectly

  • Notifications when things get saved, created or deleted

  • File exceptions is now called File Filters to match Device Filters language. In a future release we will add blocking File Filters and the possibility to include File Filter sets within File Filter sets, as one can do with Device Filter sets

  • The Administrator contact interface was merged into the Contacts interface. N.B. An administrator is just a user with more contact information that can be coupled with a Configuration to show up on the IMPEX stations (under the Support tab on the System Information view)

  • Clearer text and icons for marking things as internal links, external links, download and upload

  • Many more minor changes

Internal changes

  • The new interface has a new mocking back-end and test suite with good test result coverage. This enables faster development, better integration and better collaboration with our designers

  • Django framework was upgraded to include a minor security fix from upstream Django repository


  • The ICC documentation was updated with the new design and, where necessary, the instructions were updated

Bug fixes

  • Station view and paper receipts showed some UTF-8 files incorrectly. It was correct in the back-end but on the way to the frontend it got double encoded in some scenarios.

Known issues

  • A completely new graphical interfaces means there might be minor subtle things we have missed that users are using but at the time of this release we know of no regressions or missing features in the new graphical interface