The IMPEX 3.7.2 release

This is a minor release with two bug fixes and one enhancement in ICC. One certificate trust issue in the USB Protect and Datalock was also fixed.


  • The offline station monitor mail has been improved to include much more information. Time deltas are now also in a more human readable format.
  • A regression in the 3.7.1 release caused offline mails to be sent even though this had been turned off in the configuration card.
  • Upgrading the ICC could fail if there was database activity during the upgrade process. This has been fixed by making sure the older version of ICC is shutdown before running any database migrations.

USB Protect and Datalock

  • Trust of the ICC certificate could be lost if the CA trust database was rewritten by another non-SYSCTL service (i.e. some operating system update package script ran update-ca-trust extract). This has been fixed.


Portal is now available for Sysctl customers. Via the portal, we distribute files and information that have restricted distribution. In this initial release, we provide specific program files for IMPEX customers, and especially those customers that have standalone or offline USB Protect. From the portal one can download offline updates and AntiVirus definitions updates. It is also possible to download installation media for

  • ICC server
  • Repository server
  • IMPEX USB Protect
  • IMPEX DataLock

Email SYSCTL support to get access to the portal.

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