Deaddrop release information

Stockholm 2024-04-29

Release date: 2024-04-29

Information about the Deaddrop 3.6.0 release

This deaddrop release introduces a retract possibility, a sort of “undo” functionality for file shares. If you for some reason do not want to share files once you have created a deaddrop, now it is possible to change your mind! This is useful when for example accidentally sharing files with wrong contacts, wrong files were attached or if you want to remove a file as quickly as possible after you receive info that the receiver has downloaded files.

Besides this big feature, this release brings mostly GUI usability improvements, such as

  • an introduction of a unique identifier that is used within all mail/logs related to a deaddrop. Makes it much easier to track individual deaddrops if you have multiple active deaddrops at any time
  • more useful information in the logs.

Existing customers with active service contracts are entitled to download and install this new release.


  • Allow a user to undo a share, this feature will remove the receiver download site
  • View the metadata of shared files in the inbox history view
  • Add a notification when files are shared to give a better user experience of the progress
  • Add a notification when sharing the deaddrop service to contact for a better user experience
  • Force login username to use lowercase to avoid uppercase login errors
  • Add more human-friendly file sizes for files on the download site
  • Better visibility of metadata keys and values


  • Fix an encoding error that could slow down the site when using a branded title
  • Branded languages will now be backward compatible and changes in the language files during new releases will not break the page


  • TDC gateway now supports custom alphanumeric sender

Operating system packages

  • This new release brings upstream operating system updates and fixes


  • General documentation enhancement


Customers with custom branding may see new elements that lack proper styling. IMPORTANT - Contact sysctl for an updated branding profile.

Known issues

  • When Session cookie users get logged out from inactivity, they will be redirected to the main login page. Previously a logged-out user was given a prompt to re-login without needing to fill in their username. This will be resolved in a future release