sysctl ab

sysctl is a research and development company in Stockholm, Sweden developing security and cybersecurity products

Finalist of Security Award 2015


Sysctl AB was created in early 2014 as an organization to conduct technology research, product development and to market and sale the products and services created in the research and development departments.

The development process for some of the initial products and services had already started back in 2012 by several of the staff members, while also working as consultants.


The initial product available from Sysctl is deaddrop, a secure file transport service, which grew out of the all-to-often need to send reports or receive material from clients when working as IT security consultants.

Solving this problem - to work around the problem that most people cannot use encrypted mail and complex technical security solutions - gave them much positive feedback from real-world clients that used the deaddrop product in communicating with them. That got the ball rolling to change an in-house app into a real product.


We are security geeks. IT security have come along way the last 20 years, both the offensive and defensive parts of it. Offensive side has gotten the attention of governments, with a huge influx of money to develop new weapons and methods of intercepting, manipulating and eavesdropping on communications. The defense side have to keep up with that, as well as traditional IT threats and threat agents.

Our work is in the field of IT security where we primary work in the defensive arena, with building protection systems, enhance existing security controls and fiddle around to see how one can use operating system build-in security to the maximum. We know that this is a field where we can make a difference.


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