The IMPEX 3.5 release

Release date: 2023-05-05

This release got released earlier than originally planned due to the accumulated fixes and specific additions that customers were asking for. Since we introduced new features, we decided to make a full release (3.x) rather than a fix release (3.x.y) to follow our release principles and our naming scheme.

With the 3.5 release we add some specific support for our new, Impex station gen2, hardware. The gen2 hardware is the new hardware platform that will be our standard offering for the USB protection product.

Another noteworthy added feature is the change to the scan report email functionality. It is now possible to get more details in the email about the scan done in the form of an attached PDF report and a CSV file with all the files scanned included. This can be configured in the advanced section of the Configuration cards in the ICC.

Customers having issues with their printers losing contact with stations should be helped by a change in this release; the station will now always probe for the printer after startup.

ICC changes

  • A new configuration option to the sent email scan reports was added to the Configuration card. One can now choose to add a PDF report to the email or a PDF report and a full CSV file that includes all the files scanned.

ICC fixes

  • Network Flow errors were sometimes not cleared, now it is always cleared when a successful scan associated with that flow gets uploaded
  • Going back to a single specific scan view from the expanded file entry view did not work, fixed
  • The operations label could sometimes be incorrect. It was fixed to be more precise. This fixes at least one customer case where USB drives without vendor or model fields in their firmware would confuse the operations label.
  • Minor HTML and CSS improvements
  • The applies-to field on the device-filter-rules view did not show the actual value it had, fixed
  • operating system sudo configuration settings was changed to avoid it being overwritten by a new release

Station changes

  • Support for hardware in new gen2 station. The sound card needed slight adjustments to the code base to make it work.
  • Refuse to scan if no AV engine is enabled or none have any signatures (this could for example happen for new station that have not yet been able to download any AV signatures)
  • USB port selection dialogue got clearer UI/UX
  • In the network edit view, auto-fill hosts file entry with entered ICC hostname
  • USB Device view now also shows the USB device serial number which can be handy if one wants to write Device Filter rules using USB serial numbers
  • The system information view got expanded with more hardware information, making it easier for SYSCTL staff to identify exact hardware configurations out in the field. The BIOS UUID field also helps in identifying and tracking stations across its lifetime
  • All actions are now enabled by default on a station making it easier for QA to do testing of functionality before a station has gotten its configuration from the ICC
  • The printer initialization is now being done on every boot to avoid situations where the stations lost contact with the printer if it was not connected/powered on during an upgrade

Station fixes

  • The progress bar went to 100% after all AVs had finished scanning which was confusing when doing transfers since the copying of data to the target drive could take a while. Fixed to stop at the increment just before 100% to signal there is still work being done.
  • Screensaver timeout bug fix, reset timer was missing in one view change which meant screensaver could trigger to early
  • Expand/Collapse localization in the receipt view for German was added


  • exfat filesystem support was upgraded to the latest upstream version 1.4.0


  • ICC documentation was updated with the email scan report changes

Operating system packages

  • As usual this new release also brings upstream operating system updates and fixes.