Release 3.4.1

Information about the IMPEX release 3.4.1

Release date: 2023-03-21

This is a patch release for IMPEX. The release fixes one issue reported by a customer which is a regression introduced in the 3.3 release.

Issue: IMPEX scans directly on the source device when it has more data on in than can fit on the internal drive of the IMPEX station. Usually all data is copied in to the much faster SSD drive to avoid hammering the USB drive with read requests and saturate (potential) slow USB devices. This edge case was overlooked in the 3.3 re-write of the scanning engine and the scanner refused to scan a path it did not recognize. This release fixes this.

IMPEX unit tests and test protocols have been updated so that this will not happen again.

All customers with active support contracts and IMPEX stations connected to ICC servers will automatically get this fix installed on their IMPEX stations. Customers with offline stations must download the 3.4.1 package from the support portal and perform a manually update.


  • Allow list for paths to scan updated for the AV engine to include source devices