This maintenance release addresses issues found in the 2.8.0 release


  • The new contact creation dialogue opened at the bottom of the displayed contact listing. This was a regression that happened during the transition to the latest web framework library.


  • Transferring from a bitlocker USB drive to a non bitlocker device without a partition table would cause the transfer to abort with an error message. This only affected transfers where the source was a bitlocker device but the target was not.

  • The printed receipt did not account for file exceptions which meant it would say there was malware found in a scan although the station receipt view would say scan passed. The station receipt view and the ICC scan view showed that this scan passed. This was a regression in the printed receipt code that happened due to code refactoring and a missing unit test for this specific case.

  • The printed receipt would not contain all information about the USB drives if no identification was entered during the scan