The IMPEX 3.7.1 release

This is a minor release with several bug fixes in ICC and Datalock.

The Datalock bugs only affected customers using destination flows where there were multiple destination flows with the same IP address. In this case the scan reports were not uploaded to the ICC. The scans will be re-uploaded when this release gets installed. Another issue affecting destination flows with @ was also fixed. The parsing logic did not support @ in the upload directory path setting.


  • Logging in with a non-existing user triggered beta LDAP code paths which caused an 500 internal server error message in the browser
  • Renamed menus “Identities” to “Station Identities” and “Users” to “ICC Users”
  • Login page returned 200 OK under the hood which is confusing when scripting against the ICC. Changed to the accurate error code 401
  • Improved GUI for AV Engines list in operations to make the view less cluttered
  • Offline station mails did not use the mail server username/password settings entered in the GUI, this has been fixed


  • Added cleanup of old uploads that were interrupted, either because of a server restart or service restart during client upload
  • sftp service on the datalock did not work for system accounts. This has now been changed since it is useful for system administration
  • Fixed an issue where scans were not getting uploaded to the ICC if there were several flows for the same IP
  • Allow @ in flow upload paths

AVD (Anti Virus scanning engine Daemon)

  • There was a bug in the F-Secure malware output parsing that caused F-Secure to fail when files contained :


  • Added documentation for the “ICC API” and some scripting examples for automating creating Datalock upload accounts and destination flows


  • The web framework used by ICC got updated to Django 3.2.23, this fixes a security issue with severity “moderate” in 3.2.22. This is CVE-2023-46695 which only affects Windows systems. The ICC is not affected since it does not run on Windows.


Portal is now available for Sysctl customers. Via the portal, we distribute files and information that have restricted distribution. In this initial release, we provide specific program files for IMPEX customers, and especially those customers that have standalone or offline USB Protect. From the portal one can download offline updates and AntiVirus definitions updates. It is also possible to download installation media for

  • ICC server
  • Repository server
  • IMPEX USB Protect
  • IMPEX DataLock

Email SYSCTL support to get access to the portal.

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