This is a patch release for IMPEX. This release only affects the IMPEX station. The release fixes two issues, one discovered in-house and one reported by a customer.

Issue no 1, related to a situation reported by a customer, has been fixed by handling the missing user feedback in some circumstances where the USB drive is broken or has a corrupt file system. The fix now gives an error message to the user, instead of giving the impression of hanging if the show format button was not enabled.

The other issue fix is that bitlocker drives - encryption protected devices, that require the user to enter the passphrase to unlock the device - would fail for some cases when a user had some specific UTF-8 characters in their passwords. The bitlocker drive could not be unlocked. This fix allows those national UTF-8 characters to be used in the passphrase and still allow to encrypt / decrypt a bitlocker device.


  • Show an error message and always offer to format a corrupt or unreadable USB drive
  • Support UTF-8 passwords for bitlocker drives
  • Update the underlying bitlocker tools and libraries to the latest version including some reliability fixes