Information about the IMPEX release 3.2.1

Release 3.2.1

Release date: 2022-11-29

This is a patch release for IMPEX. The release fixes four issues, one discovered in-house, one reported by a customer and two security fixes in used third party libraries.

Issue 1: SYSCTL Support uses Signify signed bundles for some special support work, these did not work for a customer. This is a regression introduced in 3.2.0 that does not affect any customers except the one reporting it (due to the support case).

Issue 2: The confirm dialogue in the station view was slightly larger than the screen which made it possible to slide it back and forth to the sides. This was only a cosmetic issue.

Issue 3: Updated third party library Sqlite3 to 3.40.0, fixing CVE-2022-35737.

Issue 4: Updated third party library for NTFS handling, fixing CVE-2022-40284.


  • Signify verification fix for SYSCTL Support key
  • sqlite3 security update


  • NTFS-3g security update
  • Cosmetic Confirm-dialogue fix

Platform and 3rd party packages

  • Operating system components and 3rd party packages have been updated to newer versions