This release contains both bugfixes and new features



  • Add an regret button in the growl message after a contact has been removed
  • Allow drag-n-drop files in the upload-file area
  • Allow to upload bigger files than 4GB when using IE11
  • Use the same newer design on the download-page


  • Add download url to the reminder email


  • Enhanced response to client by using the same type of response codes
  • Function to remove users history after X days


Mail enhancement

  • Fixed HTML error in removed page mail
  • Fixed incorrect text in download mail
  • Change to correct doc-type in HTML mail

Front-end enhancement

  • Enabled UTF-8 support for aliases/nicknames
  • Enhanced group handling
  • Enhanced the add new contact form
  • Enhanced the modify contact form
  • Better information to users who try to login to an expired deaddrop
  • Visualize that the login-page is used for a download page and not for a permanent user
  • Allow to delete a file even if the user clicks on the pop-up help text
  • Allow to delete a contact even if the user clicks on the pop-up help text
  • Allow to select watermark file even if the user clicks on the pop-up help text
  • On-mouse-over tool-tip for remove files and watermark files was only in english

Back-end enhancement

  • Substitute some cron-jobs with systemd-timers
  • Fix an issue to ensure right owner permission on files
  • Graceful handling of empty CSRF-token
  • Re-factor of some duplicated code
  • Better handling of request in wrong order
  • Fix an issue in SELinux which denied files from being removed
  • Improved handling of reset password function
  • Improved error handling when removing accounts
  • Improved error handling when adding accounts
  • Enhanced handling of double-added accounts