Deaddrop release information

Stockholm 2024-01-24

Release date: 2024-01-24

Information about the Deaddrop 3.5.0 release

This release contains some new features, some enhancements and some fixes to the software. The features have been requested by customers who want to have more information at various times. Bugfixes mostly address issues and usability problems that have been reported to us by users.

As always, with the release, we also update the operating system components, which in turn fixes errors and bugs in those packages.

Existing customers with active service contracts are entitled to download and install this new release.


  • If a deaddrop user creates “temp accounts” for others to return files to the user, these “temporary accounts” are now also listed under the “transactions” log
  • The current deaddrop version is now present and visible for logged-in users in the support view for logged-in users. This feature can be disabled by administrators.
  • Correct the calculation of uploaded bytes, this will also limit the output to two decimals.
  • Fix a regression with missing autofill of the username when a user uses the email link to reach the login page.
  • Fix a UTF-8 character encoding issue for logged-in users.
  • Expand the click-area for the share deaddrop button.
  • Restore the autocomplete function of the username when clicking on the email link


  • Add support for internal domains, this is useful for SAML installations that use internal and external domains. Links in emails to internal SAML users will use the internal domain if configured.
  • Add support for new longer top domains, for example .engineering
  • Resolve an issue with non-standard time-to-live values.
  • Fix a UTF-8 issue in the share deaddrop email
  • Fixed a branding encoding issue


  • Fixed a race condition when sending multiple text messages at the same time.

Operating system packages

  • This new release brings upstream operating system updates and fixes


  • General documentation enhancement

Known issues

  • When Session cookie users get logged out from inactivity, they will be redirected to the main login page. Previously a logged-out user was given a prompt to re-login without needing to fill in their username. This will be resolved in a future release