The deaddrop 3.0 release is focused on adding new features to deaddrop, such as resumed uploads, drag-and-drop, responsive design, etc. There are some minor bug fixes.

Existing customers with active service contracts are entitled to download and install this new release.

Important info to customer with customized branding

If you run a deaddrop server that has a customized graphical setup (changed colors, changed logotype, etc) you should contact Sysctl before applying the deaddrop 3.0 upgrade. We will help you update the branding content to avoid any visual issues with the new deaddrop version.

Introduction to 3.0 release

Responsive design. Deaddrop 3.0 now has a redesigned user interface implementation that works with various devices (phones, tablets, computers) and various screen sizes. The responsive design will adapt the screen content to the actual device used for accessing deaddrop.

Resumed uploads. One long awaited feature is to gracefully handle interrupted uploads. With deaddrop 3.0, if a file upload gets interrupted, deaddrop now understands how much of the file has already been uploaded, and when another attempt is made to upload the same file, deaddrop now will continue from that state, hence avoiding re-uploading content that has already been sent. This is a feature to save time and work for uploading of very large files or when uploading via an unreliable network.

Drag-and-drop support. Upload of multiple files or files in directories by using the drag-and-drop feature.

pre-heated-stand-by deaddrop server. Have a server handle various contingency scenarios. This feature allows an organization to have a more robust deaddrop setup, where they can have an additional deaddrop server pre-configured from the existing server, but in another data center. The additional deaddrop server will also work as a backup of the primary server.

IPv6 support in deaddrop. Various enhancements have been done to deaddrop to allow for better operations of deaddrop in environments with IPv6 addressing.

Backup has been extended and enhanced to make a backup of more than only user account information itself. Now important meta and system data needed is also saved when performing a backup operation. The restore function has extended to also be used by the standby replica feature, used in the stand-by server setup.

A new redesigned metadata service has been implemented. This allows for better protection while performing operations on user supplied data. This protects deaddrop from various meta data driven attacks.

The deaddrop usage of the low-level security mechanism Seccomp has been updated. Seccomp has been changed for fine grained security controls of which system calls are allowed for various actions and operations.

As always when we release updates of our software, we also update 3rd party packages and operating system software. Deaddrop installations will receive these software packages as well when updating to 3.0

New features

  • Resilience
    • Support for uploading multiple files(drag-and-drop several marked files)
    • Support for uploading directories(only files in the directory)
    • Support for standby replica
    • Support for resumption of partly failed uploads
  • User interface
    • Responsive design
    • Mobile friendly
    • Workstation friendly
    • Possibility to verify checksums for end users before sending
  • Minor changes
    • Improved backup functionality
    • Improved restore of backup
    • Support for IPv6 resolvers
    • Updated seccomp filters for new kernel and base libraries
    • Better performance of SAML logon.
    • Move the file metadata service to a tighter sandbox with less privileges

Usability changes

  • Uploaded files will no longer be forced to lowercase. We still remove/change some potentially dangerous characters


  • The documentation has been updated with the new design and, where necessary, the instructions were updated

Platform and 3rd party packages

  • Operating system updated to newer versions
  • 3rd party packages has been updated to newer versions

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue in password change of administrative accounts in the administration area
  • Drag and drop of multiple files or directories was not supported in earlier versions but did work. The feature had some raise condition issues which could result in corrupted files during upload. This has now been fixed

Known issues

  • A new graphical interfaces means there might be minor subtle things we have missed that users are using but at the time of this release we know of no regressions or missing features in the new graphical interface
  • Custom themes/branding needs to be updated to reflect new CSS-classes