The deaddrop 3.1 release is focused on adding support for client certificates. Previously this was only possible if deaddrop was part of a federation solution using SAML and the IDP provided this authentication scheme. Now it is possible to have a stand-alone deaddrop installation and use x509 client certificates to authenticate deaddrop users. This is useful both as a stronger authentication scheme in interactive logins to deaddrop as well as scripted/machine-2-machine usage of deaddrop.

One change that has been asked by many of our users is to get a better graphical look for mail sent to Outlook users. In this release, the graphical look of e-mails sent to Outlook will look the same as it has previously been in Thunderbird and other e-mail clients.

The release also addresses some minor bugs that have been reported in earlier releases.

Existing customers with active service contracts are entitled to download and install this new release.

Client certificate authentication

  • It is now possible to use smartcards / x509 certificates directly for client authentication with deaddrop. This previously required chaining with an IDP in federation solution.

Changes in behaviour

  • In earlier releases, deaddrop renamed all files to be in lower case only. Starting with this release, deaddrop will preserve file name casing of uploaded files, and hence not force to lowercase anymore

bug fixes

  • trim white space on username input
  • improve mail template to better handle graphical layout in outlook
  • allow the quote character (“) in contact alias and message field
  • verify certificate in replica synchronization service
  • fixed race condition in upload
  • more stable multiple files upload
  • stability fix in deaddrop replica
  • fix parsing error with personal messages which had quotes included