This release has two major focus areas - Requested features and bug fixes. Features include better support to upload multiple files, new options that will make “in-house” usage of deaddrop much easier, performance enhancements for large uploads.

Customers with customized branding of Deaddrop

Some customers have changed the default look and the graphical layout of Deaddrop. When performing an upgrade, it is important to make sure that these changes will exist after the upgrade.

We have performed some changes to strings in the default install. Customers with customized branding of deaddrop must verify their strings and messages if they want to have similar messages and text in their branded versions of deaddrop.

User interface

  • Improve the usability by displaying the number of visible contacts and the number of selected contacts
  • Allow selecting and uploading of multiple files from the web browser file picker GUI. Thus it is possible to either drag and drop OR select multiple files to have a better user experience while uploading files.
  • Speed up the login page and remove framework dependency

New features

  • A new disable option, that inhibit the possibility for a permanent user to temporarily allow a contact to use deaddrop for a short time
  • A new disable option, that inhibit the possibility for a user to add a contact. This can enforce users to only use global contacts. The function is by default disabled
  • Certmap now automatically rewrites certmap acls. This is a back-end tool not visible to ordinary users.


Add a script to convert Basic Auth users to the new intune safe session mode. This script can be used at sites which have had Deaddrop for a long time, and have old local accounts that later have upgraded their windows environment and this being exposed to the changes that Microsoft have incorporated to how web authentication is behaving.

Bug fixes

  • Rework of the code to ensure that the growl notifications will appear. This will be even more improved in a future release
  • Fix issue in force password change for new users which also affected SAML and x509 users
  • Ensure that backup script only backup existing files to avoid warning messages
  • Fix race condition in SAML account creation
  • Fix harmonizing of strings in custom branding. If a branding lacks strings, strings will be inherited from the default brand.

Known issues

  • When Session cookie users get logged out from inactivity, they will be redirected to the main login page. Previously a logged out user was given a prompt to re-login without needing to fill in their username. This will be resolved in a future release


  • Updated the documentation to reflect the configuration custom notification
  • Update the API documentation to use correct API call
  • Remove duplicate section in the API documentation
  • Update the sysadmin manual with some missing parts and resolve a white space issue in the command example string
  • Add documentation on how certmap rewrite works