With this release we add two new features to IMPEX:

  • CSV file of all files in a scan, downloadable from the Scans view in ICC
  • YARA scanner with custom rule upload support in ICC

One large change that has been implemented in this release is a dynamic handling of USB ports. This will largely go unnoticed for users and administrators during normal operations but will be a huge benefit when there are problems or less frequent use cases.

In 2.7 we have made a significant performance enhancement for when the kiosk is uploading information of a scan to ICC.


  • Bulk uploading of Scans. This decreases drastically the time it takes for a large scan to be completely uploaded to the ICC
  • Show correct updated filesystem in the format report when formatting larger than 4TB disks
  • Cosmetic fixes for the passphrase keyboard view
  • Interactive USB port mapping dialogue added. It will popup when a USB drive gets inserted in an un-mapped port


  • Add YARA view where custom yara rules can be uploaded, enabled, disabled and deleted. In this first release the rules are a bit limited. One example is that they cannot reference other rule files.
  • Add CSV files for a scan for downloading/viewing on the Scans page. The first row will always contain the column names
  • Files on exception lists are now also marked as malware in the PDF reports file listing
  • Station cards now show IP address and IMPEX versions on the front side
  • Added logging of how much time each processed request takes
  • SMTP settings: treat “mail from” field value as a complete email address if it contains @


  • Updated SMTP settings chapter

Known issues

  • YARA functionality is not documented. It will be in the next release together with possible changes to its functionality.