With the 2.6.0 release we add new multiple features and fixed one bug. This release contain more than 52 changes since last release. Many of these updates are internal changes, enhancements, fixes and cleanups not obvious to the ordinary IMPEX user. The most visible or requested changes are itemized below for Station, ICC and documentation.

In this release most changes and updates was made to the server component Impex Control Center, ICC.

Most new features was due to specific customer requirements - PDF scan reports with info on scans and scan engines, info on engines on receipt printers, more activities generated logs that are sent to syslog, etc.

With the 2.6.0 release we add 3 new features to IMPEX:

  • PDF scan report from the ICC Scan view
  • Formats and Shreds is shown in the Scans view on the ICC
  • Format, Shreds and all actions taken on the station is logged to ICC’s syslog

Notable bug fix:

  • Fixed bitlocker GUI bug that could occur when attaching a bitlocker USB drive when station was in the settings view


  • Automatic receipt close button message translation to Swedish
  • Add engine version, IMPEX version and device filesystems to paper receipts
  • In the format view, also show filesystem used for formatting


  • Display format and shreds on the Scans page
  • Add syslog shred/format/audit events
  • Add pie graph to the overview page showing scans, formats and shreds
  • Refuse to delete configuration card when it is in use by a station
  • Add UTF-8 support in sent email alerts
  • Add IMPEX version and station IP to station card front-side
  • Switch to python3
  • Add PDF scan reports for downloading/viewing on the Scans page. Note that this is an early version intended for getting feedback from usage in the field


  • Add ICC documentation for new syslog messages
  • Add ICC documentation for the existing JSON API
  • Major overhaul of the IMPEX station user guide to better describe all features

Known issues

  • PDF report generation can take significant time and is in this release truncated at 200 files (~25 pages).

    PDF report generation will be optimized and done in the background in future releases.

  • Files on exception lists are still marked as malware in the PDF reports file listing (the malware count number is however correct)