With the 2.5.0 release we add new multiple features and fix two bugs. This release contain more than 230 commits since last release. Many of these updates are internal changes, enhancements, fixes and cleanups not obvious to an Impex user. The most visible or requested changes are itemized below for Station and ICC.

We would like to extend a special “thank you” to our multiple Proof-of-concept users for input to some of the changes or fixes that is in this release.


  • Pulling a USB drive when in the receipt view will start a countdown closing the view in 10 seconds unless interacted with.

This change will not leave the receipt view open after a scan. This is a feature that has been requested by several customers with Impex in sensitive facilities. The countdown is there to allow for an abort of the dismiss of the screen. This is a feature for those that still need the old behavior for some reason (e.g. writing some info off the screen)

  • Added possibility to change keyboard layout during identification and password entry

  • Added scrollbar to all file listings to make it more obvious one should scroll to see more

  • Added file, directory and link icons to the file views

  • Added identification field to the paper receipt

  • Fixed missing UTF8 encoding of filenames in the scanning progress bar during AV scan part

  • AV engines gets greyed out as they are finished running. This give user better visual info on progress

  • Fixes to the progress bar, archive/container files and some combinations of Anti Virus engines could make the progress bar go to 100% before the scan is actually complete

Scanning engines

  • Update Sophos with the latest libraries

  • Remove update function for F-Prot and added the latest signatures to the packages, F-Prot is EOL

  • Skipping the signature update while IMPEX is scanning to avoid potentially issues with upgrades during scans


  • All Scans are now also logged to syslog with all fields set represented

  • Change terminology to allow-list and block-list instead of white/black list. The menu and config card title entry got changed to “Device Filters”. The GUI changed to use red and green colors instead of black and white as well.

  • Creating a new config card would initially not have a timezone which led to an error message when saving, now there is a default timezone set

  • Add Impex branding to the REST framework


  • Documentation was updated to reflect the new behavior when pulling a USB drive when in the receipt view