• Mark “system information” text on the front page in red if the station is offline
  • Add MAC addresses of network card and gateway (if reachable) to system information page
  • List Anti Virus engines on the receipt view, not only the malware names
  • Print SHA256 and MD5 checksums on the physical printer receipt
  • Wrap long hostnames properly on the physical printer receipt instead of truncating
  • Fix an issue updating from no proxy to having a proxy on the fly
  • Provide Swedish translation for “shred device”
  • The progress percent font color has been changed to improve contrast


  • Wrap long serial numbers in the GUI instead of letting an abnormal long serial number distort the layout
  • Include which AV engines and their versions was used in the scan in the ICC scan overview

Known issues

  • There are known issues with utf8 encoding of filenames in the scanning progress bar
  • Archive/container files and some combinations of Anti Virus engines can make the progress bar go to 100% before the scan is actually complete, potentially causing confusion since the scan is not yet done


  • Updated images and text for the Swedish documentation of “shred device”