• A fix for rebooting the station after nightly update. There was a change in file system semantics that impacted the reboot script, so the script have been changed
  • The udev rules used to lock the usb port to only allow mass storage devices attached to the Impex have a bug for certain devices. This is a regression that was found during 2.4.1 release tests.
  • The Graphical user interface in 2.3 used “ghosting” to signal that a specific AV engine has finished, making it easier for an user to follow progress. A GUI change in 2.4 broke this and was found during 2.4.0 release testing. A fix was not finished in time for 2.4.1 release, so it got bumped to a 2.4.2 release instead.


  • A bug in the detailed file card for a link was pointing to the wrong part in the file exception listings.


  • No changes

Known issues

  • A UTF-8 encoding error exist in the admin contact form used on the Impex station. If a non ASCII characters is used in the admin contact information the station be unable to load this information and will not be accessable. Removing the non ASCII character in the admin contact information will make the station ready for action again. The changes fixing this requires extensive testing but is scheduled to be included in the 2.5 release