• Formatting fix for storage devices with more than 2TB storage that only got a 2TB partition. The formatting size issue only affected devices when they where used in Microsoft Windows.
  • Make a controlled abort of the scan if a storage device is removed during the scan.
  • Add animation to the new formatting and shred graphical user interface
  • Improved the internal communication between components in the station during a scan. The fix will make scan with a lot of files 20% faster on fast drives


  • Repository configuration fix that affected certain ICC-servers. The fix will solve the issue where stations not could download updates


  • No changes

Known issues

  • A UTF-8 encoding error exist in the admin contact form used on the Impex station. If a non ASCII characters is used in the admin contact information the station will be unable to load this information and will not be accessable. Removing the non ASCII character in the admin contact information will make the station ready for action again