• Split confirmation dialog to use one dialog for scanning and one for Format and Shred. Now one can have different texts for these dialogs.
  • Time service is now also synchronizing the time to the computer BIOS/UEFI
  • Improved handling of a station with extreme clock offset
  • Improved support for floppy disks
  • Better handling of scanning when a recently activated antivirus engine has not had time yet to synchronize its signature database
  • Improved scanning time with ClamAV when scanning many files
  • Included printer logs to the batch of logs sent to the ICC
  • New design of the Format and Shred views and their respective receipt views
  • Update of third-party software in the graphical interface
  • Updated Finnish language translation
  • Ignore the scanning stage when scanning empty devices
  • Change the back button color on the system view to make it more visible for users
  • Change the close receipt button color to make it more visible for users
  • Minor adjustment on the printer receipt text
  • Localized the “Format” word where appropriate
  • Fixed a bug where an admin contact not could be removed and only overwritten with a new value
  • Merge the unmount and copy files stage progress updates since the unmounting stage taking a long time was confusing for users
  • Wait with showing the receipt view until the disk cache is completely flushed to disk and unmount is finished


  • Allow Rulesets in Rulesets in the allow and block list of USB-devices
  • Auto save rules in device exception lists
  • Allow to set empty device rules in the configuration card
  • Allow to set empty admin contacts in the configuration card
  • Allow to set empty auto complete users in the configuration card
  • Add function to enable or disable the sound on a station
  • Change the syslog output to use the word ICC
  • Add initial mouse over tooltip on configuration cards
  • Start using the ICC repository configuration in the ICC settings


  • Update documentation with the syslog change
  • Update station manuals with new images

Known issues

  • No known issues