• Add support for floppy drives
  • Better handling of UTF-8 characters in the progress view
  • Add view for administrator contact information
  • Automatically update IP address in the system information view
  • Show correct F-Secure update status
  • Improved handling of Sophos scanning
  • Enhanced scanning of archives
  • Improved handling when scanning large amount of files
  • Fix issue with preserving time stamp for transfers between devices where the content is larger than the internal disk
  • Improved stability with Bitlocker devices
  • Remove checksum calculation of non regular files
  • Consolidate all USB-related logs to only use one logfile


  • Add function to set administrator contact information on the stations
  • Include the filesystem used in the scan result view
  • Show ICC version in the footer
  • Show correct F-Secure update status
  • Better support for password managers in the login window
  • Add HTML titles to the webpages
  • Improved language support


  • Set correct ratio for several images

Known issues

  • Scanning devices with 10000+ files will only show the 10000 first files in the receipt view on station. However note that all potentially malicious files will always be included even if this limit is reached.