• Add support to shred a USB-device
  • Update ESET Antivirus to version 7
  • Set console token to a random value on daily basis
  • Add cleanup of printer jobs that can be hanging if the printer is removed but still activated.
  • Improved log rotation
  • Improved formatting of empty USB-devices (GPT/MBR/vfat/exfat)
  • Update internal third party software
  • Resolve an issue with early eject of a bitlocker drive
  • Added file exception list handling


  • Support to add exception of files flagged as malicious
  • Add option in configuration card for toggling Shred action on stations
  • Add option to get the console token for a specific Station
  • Add a marking in ICC Scan report view if an File Exception has been allowed


  • Documentation has been updated to reflect new features

Known issues

  • Files count in the station scan receipt also counts directories
  • Extreme amounts of files scanned can cause a restart of the graphical interface due to out of memory. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.