• Add eject button when using CD-ROM
  • Fix race condition in device creation
  • Improved self healing on reboot
  • Faster filesystem guessing when a device has unknown file system
  • Removed NodeJS from back-end
  • Speed up the format device process
  • Add a more strict Content Security Policy
  • Enhanced read only media handling
  • Fix incorrect filesystem guess when using Fuse
  • Fix incorrect dates on updates

    New graphical interface

  • Scanning progress-bar reflect reality
  • More information during scans
  • Improved error messaging
  • Change language selection view
  • Update system information view
  • Tab based info view
  • Language support for current time


  • Add configuration setting to set Station timezone
  • Enhanced patch syncing from update server


  • Enhanced reporting of antivirus updates and version to the Station information view


  • Increase reliability of F-Secure
  • SELinux confined F-Secure update process (scanning engine already confined)


  • Eset update enforced to TLS 1.2(previously TLS 1.0)