• Optimize sophos download
  • Improved sanity check added for sophos updates
  • Add support for formatting erased USB devices(completely empty crypto drives like datashur)
  • Preparation for visualize more av update information
  • Resolve proxy issue for AV update engines that not has support for TLS and use the encrypted stunnel
  • Ensure built in f-secure update service is disabled
  • Solve issue with the configuration option preserve time stamp during file transfer between usb devices
  • Fix minor issue when getting new configuration card fro the ICC. Only applies to new installations


  • Fix mount issue, the process couldn’t create destination directory when using exfat. Other partition types worked as expected
  • Add option to download Station logs
  • Add option to retire a station from the station list in the GUI. The station and the stations scanning data will still be accessible
  • Add configuration option to pause AV updates
  • Fix eset issue, the update time was incorrect


  • Split AV downloads to separate RPMs
  • Optimize sophos download


  • Fix issue with random password during installation