• Improved control of source and destination size check
  • Only allow ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 for internal communication between user interface and backend services
  • Send scanned file meta data to ICC faster
  • Visualize the USB-drives filesytem(driver that load the filesystem)
  • Handle destination devices with GPT and msdos filesystem


  • Optimize bandwidth utilization for av-synchronization
  • Visualize last update for f-secure
  • Add configuration to enable station online monitoring. Require mail to in the SMTP card to be set.
  • Allow to configure sender name for mail notifications
  • Add configuration to disable updates on stations
  • Add configuration to preserve timestamps when transfer files on the station. Experimental.
  • Set random root password on the station
  • Do not set repository server. The station will get it from the ICC