• Regression formatting a blank USB drive (no filesystem)

  • A sanity check caused a crash when two file count checks did not match, fixed

  • Only increment exception count if the file is also marked as malware. This fixes an incorrect malware count display issue if the exception was not marked as malware by any AV engine

  • A regression for symlinks was fixed. This stopped scan reports to get uploaded completely to the ICC. The scan and transfer all are ok, just the reporting of it the ICC got queued up due to ICC not accepting file reports for “files” without checksums

  • The UK on-screen keyboard was missing a £-sign


  • USB descriptor database field length increased to make it larger than what the station can ever send. This avoids a scenario were a station would want to upload a scan but the server refused it because of the length of the USB descriptor field

Known issues

  • When formatting a USB drive with no prior filesystem the format view will display that the fileystem is unknown even after having finished formatting it with vfat/exfat. Expected behaviour would be for it to start with unknown and then switch to vfat or exfat


  • No changes