At Sysctl we have been busy and have been working hard to create new and updated versions of our products. We start off the year 2023 by bringing some good news to all our customers. This week we bring new releases to both our main product lines - the Deaddrop secure file transfer product as well as our Impex product line that inspect file content on mobile media and in networked file transfers.

Customers with active support contracts have already been notified on upcoming releases and will automatically get updates on the Impex platform as well on the Deaddrop platform for those customers that have automatic updates activated in their Deaddrop instances.

New 3.2 version of software for Deaddrop

A lot related to login and authentication have changed in this release. We have changed to use form based authentication rather than using the basic auth mechanism, which is an established standard for web authentication. The driver behind this change is that Microsoft in their intunes fleet management software have adapted changes to web browser configurations that make it problematic to still use basic auth as an authentication mechanism. By changing Deaddrop to use form based authentication we make it easier to use Deaddrop for all.

Already in version 3.1 we introduced the possibility to use X.509 client certificates as a mean to authenticate a user. We enhanced that usage with this release since some government users have client certificates with uncommon encodings in their certificates.

For more information on the new release for deaddrop, see the release notes

New 3.3 version of software for Impex products

This week we also released a new version of the software for our Impex line of products. Impex USB protect and Impex Data Lock as well as support platform Impex Control Center, will have gotten some great additions and some make over.

One update that is important to highlight is the additions to the Impex Data Lock network security device that now support now support flows, which is to have multiple integrations being handled by a single Impex Data Lock.

For more information on the new release for impex, see the release notes

More information

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