Sysctl is proud to introduce the Impex Data Lock into the Impex family. The data lock is a network appliance that implements security controls similar to that used by the Impex USB station but for files transferred via network.

Impex Data Lock can provide the following security

  • Strong authentication. Impex works with cryptographic keys, not passwords
  • Proof of reception. Impex will create a signed receipt that get sent to target node to allow for verification
  • Network choke point. Block all network traffic except the file transfer method allowed. When setup using two interfaces, only allow file pass-through that is performed after all checks have been accepted.
  • Termination of network traffic. Make sure that all sessions get terminated, no pass-through
  • Content inspection. Inspect content of transferred files using inspection rules written in the powerful domain specific language yara
  • Malware protection. Check files transferred using multiple AV engines.
  • Audit trail. Provide logging and alerts of operations performed by the data lock and collect metadata, including cryptographic checksums, of all transferred files.
  • Trust boundary. Useful for implementing an explicit trust boundary between two networks.
  • Zone model compliance. Developed to be used with zone models and tier models.

The data lock works with the other products in the Impex family: The Impex Control Center, ICC for management and the Impex repo server for updates.

An organisation can have Impex USB stations and Impex Data Locks controlled by the same ICC server, or if need arises, have them in separate ICC servers.

Impex Data Lock is available both as a virtual appliance or as a hardware appliance.

For use cases where the Impex Data Lock is useful, see our other blog post here.

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