USB4® version 2 is a major update to enable up to 80 Gbps of data performance compared to USB4® version 1 which only supports 40 Gbps. The USB Type-C® and Power Delivery(PD) will also be updated next year to enable higher levels of data performance.

USB4® version 2 is backward compatible with earlier USB versions back to USB2® and Thunderbolt 3.

Check in USB Implementers Forum, Inc. and download the actual USB4® Version 2.0 announcement in PDF format.

Sysctl will analyze the market development to see when the market for the USB4® version 2 has matured, so we can extend our IMPEX offerings to also include this new USB4® variant. USB4® version 2 devices should be supported in IMPEX due to the backward compatible in the standard.

Contact us at sysctl if you are interested in knowing more on how Impex can be used to help you protect your USB devices and to be compliant with mobile media handling.