New release of the Impex software.

Sysctl is proud to announce Impex version 3.0. It was pre-announced last week to customers and have been distributed this week through our automatic update function to all customers with active service contracts.

The most obvious change in this release is the rewritten user interface of the Impex server component, the ICC. There is a number of reasons for this change - to make the different views more consistent, to better use screen estate, to gain performance, to structure the menues and content in a way to make it easier to add new features in upcoming releases.

The total makeover of the graphical interface on the ICC had become necessary since the previous 2.x interface was not keeping pace with the number of settings and information fields we were adding and had become cluttered.

The IMPEX 3.0 release is the basis for a host of new features that will be implemented in multiple upcoming releases, e.g. additional AV engines, a quarantine feature where infected files will be uploaded, user management, management of not yet released Impex station types, etc.

Behind the scene there was major work done to do this change, from the old javascript framework to a new, to port all features, etc. This resulted in more than 16,000 new lines of code that have been dded since last release, Impex 2.9.1

More info on the new release is available in the release notes, referenced below.

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Release notes for Impex 3.0