Sysctl have been working on a new major release for some time, and with the upcoming release, Impex version 2.0, we have created a new foundation for a number of upcoming minor releases, each with new features.

Most of the changes are made behind the scenes and are not visible to the end-user. The graphic interface has been developed with responsive design to support other types of monitors.

The release will update the end user interface with better progress reporting. The station will still have the easy-to-use interface, but it will be more visible. The status page is brand new, with several tabs to better show the configurations and status of the station.

  • Release notes for IMPEX version 2.0.0
  • Release: 2.0.0
  • Release date: 2020-09-23
  • Stockholm 2020-09-08

Changes have been made to four major areas:

  • Station front-end
  • Station back-end
  • ICC server
  • Antivirus

Station front-end

New graphical interface

  • Scanning progress-bar reflect reality [FEATURE]
  • More information during scans [FEATURE]
  • Improved error messaging [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Enhanced read only media handling [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Change language selection view [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Add a more strict Content Security Policy [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Update system information view
    • Tab based [FEATURE]
    • Fix incorrect dates on updates [FIX]
    • Language support for current time [IMPROVEMENT]

Station back-end

  • Fix incorrect filesystem guess when using Fuse [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Fix race condition in device creation [FIX]
  • Improved self healing on reboot [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Faster filesystem guessing when a device has unknown file system [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Removed NodeJS from back-end [IMPROVEMENT]
  • Speed up the format device process [IMPROVEMENT]

ICC server

  • Add configuration setting to set Station timezone [FEATURE]
  • Enhanced patch syncing from update server [FIX]


  • Enhanced reporting of antivirus updates and version to the Station information view [FEATURE]
  • Increase reliability of F-Secure [FIX]
  • SELinux confined F-Secure update process (scanning engine already confined) [FEATURE]
  • Eset update enforced to TLS 1.2(previously TLS 1.0) [IMPROVEMENT]