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Server setup recommendations

The basis for the hardware and virtual hardware recommendation is a 200 user license with normal day-to-day usage of the service. With normal day-to-day usage we mean 20-30% of the licensed user use it daily for single file operations of small-to-medium size files (1-100Mb files). Depending on the usage and the number of simultaneous deaddrop users the requirements may be different.

Physical Server

The table bellow will show the requirement for a physical server running deaddrop

  deaddrop deaddrop with AV-plugin
CPU1 One 64bit 2 GHz, 8-core Two 64bits 2,3 GHz, 8-core
Memory 8GB DDR4 ECC ~2000 MHz 16GB DDR4 ECC ~2000 Mhz
PSU Two, at least one connected to UPS Two, at least one connected to UPS
Network card2 minimum 1Gbit minimum 1Gbit
Hard drives 2 in software raid 2 in software raid
SAS / RAID card Support for direct access Support for direct access(HBA)
Chassis units 1U chassis 1U chassis
Rails Click rails Click rails
Cable Management Arm 1U chassis 1U chassis

Virtual server

Disk usage (both virtual and physical server

The calculation example below is the minimum disk space needed for uploaded files. The calculation is based on usage of X users in accordance with the number of files and file size in the Y column. column.

  10 users 100 users 500 users
5Mb files, 2 receivers 100MB 1GB 5GB
50Mb files, 5 receivers 2,5GB 25Gb 125GB
1Gb files, 2 receivers 20GB 200GB 1TB
1Gb files, 10 receivers 100GB 1TB 5TB

Permanent users can allow their contacts to use the system for a limited time. The limited users can also upload files that use the disk space

If the antivirus plugin is used, malware-tagged files will use disk space in the quarantine directory

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  1. The CPU usage will be most intensive during malware scanning 

  2. 1Gbit network speed allows 100 users to simultany upload/download in 10Mbit/s which may be slow if deaddrop is used for large files