Server Requirements

Sysctl AB - 2018-03-29


This describes the server requirements for both a physical deaddrop server and a virtual server. This document explains the recommendations for a server purchase or the specifications that a virtual server needs.

  1. 1.0 - Server setup recommendations
  2. 1.1 - Physical Server
  3. 1.2 - Virtual Server
  4. 1.3 - Disk Usage

Server Requirements - 1.0

Server Setup Recommendations

The basis for the hardware and virtual hardware recommendation is a 200 user license with normal day-to-day usage of the service. With normal day-to-day usage we mean 20-30% of the licensed user use it daily for single file operations of small-to-medium size files (1-100Mb files). Depending on the usage and the number of simultaneous deaddrop users the requirements may be different.

Server Requirements - 1.1

Physical Server

The table below will show the requirement for a physical server running deaddrop

  Deaddrop Deaddrop with AV-plugin
CPU One 64bit 2 GHz, 8-core Two 64bits 2,3 GHz, 8-core
Memory 8GB DDR4 ECC ~2000 MHz 16GB DDR4 ECC ~2000 Mhz
PSU Two, at least one connected to UPS Two, at least one connected to UPS
Network card minimum 1Gbit minimum 1Gbit
Hard drives 2 in software raid 2 in software raid
SAS/RAID card Support for direct access(HBA) Support for direct access(HBA)
Chassis units 1U chassis 1U chassis
Rails Click rails Click rails
Cable Management 1U chassis 1U chassis

Server Requirements - 1.2

Virtual server

Server Requirements 1.3

Disk Usage