Assembly instructions

In most cases the IMPEX station will be delivered and installed by a SYSCTL employee but it can also be delivered and assembled by the customer.

Impex delivery

When an Impex station is initially delivered to a customer, all cables are disconnected, and the NUC computer is separate.

The first thing is to connect the NUC to the backside of the touch screen. This is done by inserting the screws on the bottom on the NUC to the special black plate that is located in the middle of the backside of the touch screen.

After that initial assembly, one have to connect all the different cables. In the delivered Impex stations, the following cables are shipped:


I want to put the touch screen on the wall, how do I do

  1. remove the NUC computer from the back of the screen
  2. Remove the NUC mounting plate from the back of the screen
  3. Attach a special, stiff, wall mount on the touch screen. Many wall mounts are not adapted to be used by touch screens, just ordinary TV screens. Special mounting brackets can be ordered from Sysctl AB.

Trouble shooting

The screen is not responsive

  1. Is the monitor turned on? Turn on the monitor on the lower right hand on the monitor. The light should turn blue when power is turned on.
  2. Is the NUC computer turned on? Turn on the NUC on the front of the NUC, on the button that is orange color. If the NUC button is blue, then the NUC is turned on.
  3. Is the USB cable between the touchscreen and the NUC computer connected? Try to disconnect and connect the USB cable again
  4. Is the USB cable between the touchscreen and the NUC computer connected connected to the right USB port on the NUC? It should be connected to the LOWER USB port on the BACKSIDE of the NUC.

The front USB ports are not working

  1. Have you connected the USB ports correctly? Is the USB cables connected to the right part? Try with a different USB cable.

The right and left USB ports affect the opposite part of the screen, when USB devices are connected

  1. You have switched which cable from the NUC computer should be connected to which USB front connector