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deaddrop requirements

Some of the configuration parameters must be delivered to sysctl before a deaddrop appliance can be built and delivered. After the delivery of an appliance additional configuration must be applied.

deaddrop appliance requirements before delivery

The following information is required before an appliance server can be built

Appliance server type

Virtual server

IP configuration

DNS configuration

SMS configuration

Email configuration

Password policy

Other configurations

Onsite preparation

The following must be ready during delivery

Contact person

One person on site that is able to give access to the console on the delivered appliance.

External firewall

The following is the minimal network connection requirements, relating to firewall rules and opening of UDP and TCP ports, that deaddrop needs to work properly.

inbound from internet (access to deaddrop service)

inbound from administrative network or similar

outbound to dmz or similar (DNS server[s])

outbound to desired NTP server(s)

outbound to desired SMTP relay

outbound connection to updates.sysctl.se (software updates, system patches, AV updates)

It is extremely important that the interface used for administration (web via 8443/TCP) is only exposed towards an administrative network, not outward to the internet.

Additional firewall rules may be needed when integrating to other services (ie SMS gateway or external log server). An SMS gateway provider often allows for connections via HTTPS, so explicit outbound HTTPS connection to the specific provider needs to be added to the firewall.

For explanation about network connections see deaddrop-net document.


For correct DNS setup, at least the following information is needed:


For correct SMS setup, at least one of the following choices needs to be completely configured:

  1. GSM modem
    • sim card
    • pin code to sim card
  2. SMS gateway
    • username
    • password
    • additional tokens



All password and secrets will be created or changed onsite during the installation time, please be prepared to handle the new passwords.

After delivery requirements

Contact persons

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